North Fork, CA

Backcountry Haven

Rider Support

We work closely with experienced mountain horsewomen, Sherry Antill and Ann Bates. They are authors of two very informative guide books on back country day rides close to Backcountry Haven. To order their books, learn more about riding in the Sierra Nevada, or current weather and trail conditions, visit their website.

Horse Facilities

Backcountry Haven is perfectly set up to accommodate riders and their horses with:

   • 3-12x22' pipe corrals; 2-15x17' wire mesh corrals; 1-single

   • Tack room

   • Barn to store feed, supplies, and equipment

   • Large parking areas for trailers and trucks

   • Feed stations are elevated

   • Easy access to water

   • Hitching points for grooming

   • Within sight of log home

   • Ideal for altitude acclimatization @ 2850 ft. elevation


Vehicles pulling horse trailers  should not exceed 45 ft. in total length to reach house and barn.